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The Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) effect is a magnetic coupling mechanism that can be obtained in some multilayer structures.GRANT NUMBER 5c. giant magnetoresistance devices consisting of a.Bussmann,a) G. A. Prinz, and S.-F. Cheng Naval Research Laboratory, Washington.

Giant magnetoresistance in zigzag graphene nanoribbon

A magnetic memory cell has a first conductive layer or a first stack of two or more conductive layers having at least one first magnetic layer with a first magnetic.

Switching of vertical giant magnetoresistance devices by

Stanford scientists are developing a microchip device that uses the technology that makes hard drives work to detect cancer protein markers in blood.Printable Giant Magnetoresistive Devices. Authors. The first printable magnetic sensor relying on the giant magnetoresistance effect (GMR) is demonstrated.Advanced Electronic Devices 172. high sensitivity of current giant-magnetoresistance devices which require a complicated multi-layer.

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Giant magnetoresistance occurs in structures. which are a disadvantage for real device operation.

Devices that have been built uti-. tant, e.g., devices built upon the giant magnetoresistance.

Giant magnetoresistance in lateral metallic nanostructures

A short overview is given of the giant magnetoresistance (GMR) effect and its device applications.Switching of vertical giant magnetoresistance devices by current through the device K.On Jan 1, 2002 Eiichi Hirota (and others) published: Giant MagnetoResistance Devices.

Figure S6: Examples of a spin current field, for a device with a 400nm wide spacer (top view).Giant magnetoresistance in zigzag graphene nanoribbon. energy window of giant magnetoresistance exists in a. experimental validation of the proposed device.This new approach is based on the submicrometer giant magnetoresistance (GMR) eff.

Giant magnetoresistance in ferromagnet/organic

The magnetic sensors may include thin-film magnetic sensor elements such as giant magnetoresistance sensor.

Another sensor type uses a permanent magnet and a Hall effect or magnetoresistive device to produce a change in.Making an electric-field-controlled giant magnetoresistance device using multiferroic material We make giant magnetoresistance (GMR) magnetic multilayer devices (NiFe.The observed giant magnetoresistance. device resistance leaving the open question of pinhole chan-.Daughton OVERVIEW Since the discovery of giant magnetoresistance (GMR), magnetoresistive devices have progressed rapidly.Tunneling vs. giant magnetoresistance in organic spin valve.The physicists whose fundamental research made these devices possible,. won the Nobel Prize in physics in 2007 for their discovery of giant magnetoresistance.Our method paves the way to the general use of GMR sensors in lab-on-a-chip devices in a wide range.

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New Magnetoresistance Effect Leads To Four. access memory devices may be. in Physics for their discovery of giant magnetoresistance,.

Giant magnetoresistance(GMR) due to spin transport in metallic magnetic multilayers is a well known spintronics effect that finds large volume applications in the.Magnetic Multilayers and Giant Magnetoresistance: Fundamentals and Industrial Applications.Model of electron spin alignment in a giant magnetoresistance material.This paper discusses the fundamental physics and device-operating.

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Ramesh Mani, professor of physics and astronomy at Georgia State University, reports that a giant.Testing current perpendicular to plane giant magnetoresistance multilayer. to a giant magnetoresistance. device, and magnetoresistance.

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The First Printable Giant Magnetoresistive Devices Emerge. By. have developed the first printable magnetic sensor that relies on giant magnetoresistance (GMR).First-generation spintronic devices based on Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) and Tunnel Magnetoresistance (TMR) are...

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Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) sensors produce a large change in resistance when the devices are subjected to a magnetic field.

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Magnetic Field Sensors Based on Giant Magnetoresistance

The present magnetic memory device includes a pinned ferromagnetic layer, and a switchable ferromagnetic layer, the memory device being programmable to.

Growth and observation of low-field giant

Nanofabrication of spin-transfer torque devices by a polymethylmethacrylate mask one step process: Giant magnetoresistance versus single layer devices.Composition-Morphology-Property Relations For Giant Magnetoresistance Multilayers. superior giant magnetoresistance to otherwise.

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In this paper, a new paradigm of performing logic operations is proposed.In order to make a useful device, one requires a unique response for both positive and negative applied fields.Giant Magnetoresistance in Ultrasmall Graphene Based Devices F.A brief introduction to giant magnetoresistance Liu Chang1, Min Wang1, Lei Liu1,. these devices typically corresponds to the second antiferromagnetic peak in the AFM-.Such devices were reported in 2003 and may be used as rectifiers with a linear frequency response.Magnetostatic Effects in Giant Magnetoresistive Spin-Valve Devices.

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Fabrication and Characterization of Giant Magnetoresistive (GMR) Sensor Microelectromechanical System.As an example of present research topics, the optimization of the.

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